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Superfast Broadband : iNorthumberland is working to ensure that all businesses and residents across Northumberland are able to access the fastest broadband connections possible. Please ensure you have completed the response form and returned this to Stuart Marshall (Covert Lodge) as soon as you can

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Leave dead wood in the garden says RSPB : Gardeners are being urged not to chop down their rotten trees in an effort to help wildlife survive the winter, click here for more...

Squirrel Alert in Eshott : Grey Squirrels have been seen crossing gardens on the east side of Bainbridge Lane. We understand that grey squirrels will follow the same routes as red squirrels. It is now very important that we record all sightings in and around the Eshott area to establish the extent of the population. Please report any sightings to Sandra Proctor without delay

Welcome to Eshott
This site is maintained by the Eshott village residents and provides information on events, village news, etc

A Low Carbon Village
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A number of households are looking to the future, click here to see what's being done to reduce the carbon footprint of the village, and reduce energy costs as a result...

Eshott Hall is a boutique property designed for weddings, parties and corporate events. Click here to view the web site

Local Updates : Please follow this link to see warning messages, and updates