Eshott Shared Services Ltd

Eshott Shared Services Ltd

The village shared services are managed by our own small team of elected trustees operating within the rules of our management company. The company is democratic, non-profit making and the trustees are volunteers. The company remit is to manage : 

  • Private Sewerage System
  • Water Services (billing process only)
  • Village Landscaping

The company may also take on additional responsibilities as deemed necessary. This may utilise additional working groups with a view to upgrade and improve any aspect of village life or it's infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who supplies the water to Eshott ?

A: We have a private water supply taken from two boreholes on adjacent land. The supply is routed into the village in the convention way and supplies every property.  The shared services company has no involvement with the water system, it is however utilised for billing purposes

Q: How is the village sewerage handled ?

A: We have a private sewerage network that connects each property to a central bio-digester, treatment plant and reed bed. The system is entirely natural in operation and fully complies with EA legislation. The system connects every property in the conventional manner. The shared services company is tasked with running and maintaining the system.

 Q: Does the village have a gas supply ?

A : Properties are served with LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) from a bulk storage facility located on the northern outskirts of the village. The network is referred to as a "metered estate". The houses are metered as normal, there is little difference to a standard gas supply with regular billing to each property by the LPG supplier. The shared services company has no involvement with the LPG system.

Q: Does the village have a reliable electrical supply ?

A : Eshott is connected to the national grid, you can 'switch' your supplier as normal. Despite the rural nature of the location the supply is reliable. The shared services company has no involvement with the electrical supply system.

Q: Does the village have good internet access ?

A: Yes, Eshott enjoys a fibre link for superfast internet access. This upgrade was entirely funded by residents.